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What are people saying?

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Reviews now rolling in:

“Prepare to be dazzled and amazed.” – Eric Eaton, author of Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

“What makes Silent Sparks catch fire is Lewis’s breathtaking ability to channel her inner Rachel Carson and bring that ‘sense of wonder’ to the table as the author delves into all things Lampyridae.”-Bruce Fellman, Kent County Daily Times

Nature “a nocturnal wonder of nature…an illuminating peek into a fascinating corner of field biology.” – In “this absorbing book … a wealth of easily-assimilated, sometimes jaw-dropping information on the mysterious world of fireflies…gleams brightly from every page.”
Harvard Magazine – This “informed, enthusiastic guide to ‘the best-loved insects on Earth’ is reason enough to look forward to summer nights.”

Washington Post Lewis “tells… icky tales with glee” but then  presents “the radiantly appealing aspects of the firefly world… It’s all pretty amazing.”

Friends & Neighbors:

“Your book totally changed the way I look at our backyard fireflies.” Tyler D.

Silent Sparks just opened a new world for me…thank you for sharing your umwelt.” Kristy F.

I’ve been waiting for this book for so long! Fireflies are my favorite insects and I enjoy watching them and learning more about their fascinating lives. there have not been any good references to really explain what i’ve been seeing after dark so I’m glad to have this new information. I got two copies and will buy more for Christmas gifts.” Southern Movie Buff (on Amazon)

Early reviews:

“With stunning illustrations and accessible text … this book brings new awe to the flashing spectacle and love song of fireflies.” – Bernd Heinrich, author of Winter World,  Mind of the Raven, and Life Everlasting

“a beautifully written ode to fireflies and their behavior by someone who has made major research discoveries about these fascinating creatures … a book everyone can enjoy.”   – John Alcock, author of Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach and When the Rains Come: A Naturalist’s Year in the Sonoran Desert

“rewarding on so many fronts… an enjoyable, informative tour into the lives of fireflies.” – Doug Emlen, author of Animal Weapons and Evolution: Making Sense of Life

Silent Sparks makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing and devote yourself to learning everything you can about the charismatic, even enlightening, firefly…whose dramatic lives are revealed with humor, insight, and passion.” – Marlene Zuk, author of Paleofantasy, Sex on Six Legs and Riddled with Life

“exudes the curiosity and sheer joy that comes from exploring and celebrating the science of life… this marvelous book reveals a world of wonder that will leave readers breathless with awe.” Wade Davis, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence