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Firefly Experience from Radim Photo:

Sit back and enjoy this video by photographer Radim Schreiber, who manages to capture the true beauty and magic of North American lightningbugs on a summer night.

From the Lewis Lab:

Who’d Want to Eat a Firefly?
Take a walk on the Dark Side  – meet some dangerous predators that lurk in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Fireflies Offer Nuptial Gifts

We discovered a surprising link between firefly males’ gift-giving habits and whether or not their females can fly.

FF companion

The Fireflyer Companion (pdf) Until Silent Sparks, not much firefly information has been popularly available. But during the mid-1990s firefly expert Jim Lloyd mailed out this informal newsletter that’s brimming with firefly facts, poems, crossword puzzles, and random musings.

Otte all glow

Studies on Firefly Flash Communication (pdf)  Jim  Lloyd’s doctoral thesis focuses on North American Photinus fireflies – here he describes their geographic and habitat distribution, courtship flash behavior, and more.

The Xerces Society (website) We’ve partnered with this highly respected invertebrate conservation group to help protect our North American fireflies. Check their site to find out more about what threats our  fireflies are facing, how you can help, conservation info, places to see fireflies in the U.S., and more!